Blogginess becomes her

You know as I make a small yet remarkable comeback to blogging…I realize that I have missed it.

This “comeback” that I speak of is insignificant really.

There are no deep thoughts, no great moments of nirvana, no juicy gossip to share, not even fashion tips to disperse…not that I am trying to imply that some of you need the advice/makeover. I don’t necessarily think that my 10 minute rant about blogging (which in itself is kinda strange…”WTF!” comes to mind—just blog about stuff already!) is going to change the world.

Or will it…?

Nah. Just wishful thinking.

Sometimes I just want to write–to write.

But I wouldn’t be Chibbi if I didn’t include a self-portrait of some kind.

**Get the hair and makeup teams here STAT! Chibbi is about to get some camera time!!**

…after 3 hours of primping and beautifying….here she is:

I was out dancing!

I was out dancing!

Gotta run!

With love,



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I can haz…

LOLZ Hamster

Image courtesy of my my buddy Fabian!

I hadn’t posted on my Chibbipress in a LOOOONNNNGG time. I have been busy with other things. (Cuz I am such a busy gal!)

Been partaking in a weight loss competition called Not-a-Fattie Competition and have been kicking ass. (Already lost 5% of my body weight in 3 weeks!)

You know you can always find me at Chibbku and Chibbckr. (Chibbi and Flickr) ha Oh and Chibbtwit!

Just wanted to stop by and say hello to all 2 of you loyal readers. With my hiatus, I don’t think anyone is even stops by here anymore.

::hears crickets::

Well, then I will make more of a conscience (con + science that’s how I always remember how to spell it. hehe) effort to stop by here and give a little shout out–a holla–a whoop, whoop.


(hugs and smooches)


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I <3 all things Betty!

From the letter B–in it’s glorious double chubbiness to the 2 T’s that round it out!

I like looking at myself in the mirror. Not to necessarily check myself out, but to actually look at my imperfections. The bump on my nose, my uneven brows…then remembering..”Crap! I need to pluck!”

I can’t seem to stop loving myself!

Heck! I like to take too many pictures of myself and then inflict that pain onto the world on the ChibbiFlickr! muahahaha

Betty is slowly taking over the world!

And who doesn’t love Betty from Archie comics!

Cruising the YouTube streets, I stumble upon the this pretty cool Californian band that bear my Bettylicious brand: Go Betty Go. Hope you enjoy:

Have a great one!


Chibbi aka Betty

August 21, 2008 at 9:19 pm 5 comments

Cheer on Hope!

Official Beijing Olympic 2008 Insignia

Official Beijing Olympic 2008 Insignia

My Olympic rant…fyi.

Not that this rant is in any way “Olympic” or grand in any manner. It is just a minor way for me…Chibbi…to have my voice heard to those 3 of you that are reading. Thanks LeBunny!!

I know that the upcoming Beijing Olympics are unpopular due to their (Chinese) inhumane ways of treating their people. (I am not going into the politics of it all and maybe I should. Let’s just focus on the human factor.)

Boycotting the Beijing Olympic may be the cool thing to do for many. They find that to be the easy way of voicing their disapproval of the Chinese government. Former Prime Minister of the UK Tony Blair speaks about this point exactly.

Well, isn’t boycotting this year’s Olympics another way of boycotting athletes, boycotting healthy competition, boycotting dreams, boycotting hard work, boycotting…dare I sayhope?

I am not trying to sound preachy…and I may come off like that…just a bit. I can’t help i!!

These athletes shed tears, sweat, blood and money to get to the pinnacle of their sport. The least we could do is support and cheer for them even in these Olympics.  By cheering them, we are not condoning the actions of the host country, but supporting hope, sportsmanship and those that worked long hours to get there.

There’s just something…something…about watching all these amazing athletes gathered in one location and proudly representing their countries, war-torn nations, their battered peoples…they are still there giving it their all and their heads held up high. Some nations may only have 1 courageous athlete  representing them in these Olympics, but it’s a voyage that they are proud to make. Go Comoros!! J

I am not afraid to shed some tears as the USA delegation makes their way out during the opening ceremonies. Not all of them are big-time stars as Kobe Bryant or Michael Phelps. Many cannot be found on the cover of Wheaties nor have big endorsements. Some are my hometown heroes: Steven Lopez, Mark Lopez, and Diana Lopez 

Some are just for darn inspiration and pure awe: Dara Torres at age 41 and in her 5th Olympics!! 

Heck I won’t only be cheering the USA, but Mexico too! And I have tearfully rooted for underdogs too. Come on Micronesia!!!! And the Spanish Rafa Nadal just cause he’s hot and oh…and since he has the French Open and Wimbledon under his belt this year!

Heck…I would even cheer your country if they were outstanding—mainly those hard-to-beat Chinese table tennis players!! (Yes, I am a geek and I love the sport of table tennis.) I had a table tennis class back in Uni and if I may say so myself…I kicked some arse! J 

So get up…turn up the tube or tune in on the web and cheer your country, your flag, your national anthem, and–YES–your athletes! Hey, it’s ok to shed a tear or two when your national anthem is being played. Proudly wear your country’s colors!

I am counting down the hours for 08-08-08!!!! Yes, I am that cheesy.

Gotta run…you’ll know where I will be in the next weeks….

With much love, heart, hope and Olympic spirit,


P.S. Add any athletes that you feel are worth a cheer or two!


August 7, 2008 at 1:14 pm 3 comments

Off to cheery ol’ England

So I hope everyone is fine from when we last spoke, danced together, texted, chatted, sent smoke signals to…you get the drift.

Several developments in my life: my brother was in a bad bicycle accident a little over a month ago.  He is doing better and I actually feel so much better when I talked to him last night when he called to say that “he just wanted to hear my voice”. (tear in my eye) He will be having surgery on July 18th, so please keep him in your thoughts and prayers. Will be visiting him after I get back from my trip….

Then I am headed to London/Liverpool on July 14th (to arrive there on July 15th). Meeting new Jaiku feebly folks–you know who you are! And catching up with some other London folks. (Hugs to Jana for once again being my hostess!!) I am planning on hitting up the London Zoo and perhaps some fancy pants museum. I am trying to work on my whole “being more cultured” thing! Oh and I can get a picture of something Beatles-y in Liverpool and then show it to my Mama (she was a Beatles fan back in the day)! w00t! <—self-wooting is my favorite. ha

Then to top it all off..I am moving into a new apartment (‘flat’, for you, my British friends). Moving the same week I get back from the U.K.! I need to pack up the last of my uncoordinated plates and 3 pans that I actually own. The saddest part of the whole endeavour was the cleaning out of my closet. Several articles of clothing didn’t fit anymore. 😦

I have a couple of things to ask of you:

1. Recommendations for sight-seeing places. I have a list, but ideas would be cool.

2. E-mail me, hit me up on Pressy comments, facebook me while i am gone! I still love getting attention even while I am away. 🙂

3. Water my plants!

4. Keep me up-to-date on So you think you can dance? Goes and hides in shame…jazzy hands shame!

5. Don’t forget me! I will still Jaiku so you can always find me there!

One teeny, tiny thing: I will actually have a Nokia e62 on me while abroad! One of my buds loaned it to me so I could actually have a working, non-Motorola phone with me. Weeeee!!

I won’t leave you high and dry! That’s not the Chibbi-style!

Check ya’ll later!!



 I will be walking by River Thames soon enough.

July 11, 2008 at 3:28 pm 2 comments

..because the world is a harsh place sometimes…

I usually try to keep my blog pretty happy and peppy…but sadly enough, reading the following made gag..almost throw up a little bit in my mouth.

And it really hurts me to link this…but I have to. I almost feel like it’s my social/human responsibility to do it. It might open one person’s eyes…and I would feel like I have done my job.

A CNN article that I read today that made me sick to my stomach!!

Spread this around.

Hopefully…this will end!



May 27, 2008 at 10:58 am 1 comment

Textual Relations: Are you being safe?

Set on vibrate

Do you know everything you always wanted to know about text, but were afraid to ask?

It’s a world of shorter notes and faster communication, so forgive me for this next post.

Good Text Bad Text: Reading between the new lines in mobile (or your) relationships.

Because you always need new and techy ways to worry about…right? (We’re still not finished worrying about those LOL’s )

Now you have to ask yourself, was that good? Do I give good text? If it’s bad…isn’t still kind of not that bad?

Did I go over my plan?

According to Superjosh, from the delightful site called Current TV, the times have changed.

“The eloquently written love notes of yesteryear probably won’t get you very far these days when it comes to serenading that special someone.”

For those in the throws of Textual Relations, they might consider relating with a little help video entitled, “Texting Your Way to Love.”

Click on the pic for link and enjoy (or weep, whatever)

Chibbipress’ Chibbipresser for the Day,

Ima Nerd

May 8, 2008 at 12:16 pm 1 comment

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